At Hexonys, we address both industrial challenges and business development topics.

We are focused on B2B sales all along the value chain.

We advise and support you to grow your sales by identifying new applications and new partners.

Market Study


You want to know the attractiveness of a market ?

You have a great product and would like to grow its sales ?


Hexonys carries out the market study you don't have time, resources or knowledge to do.

We will investigate it from the various angles, doing the background research and interviewing key stakeholders.

You will get a quantified study, with recommendations about the products & services you need to succeed; as well as the route to market and possible key customers.

  • Quantitative market study : prices, volumes and evolution
  • Identification of key customers and competitors
  • Route to market recommendation
  • Direct approach of stakeholders

Product Development


You want to improve your time to market ?

Enhanced an existing product?

Develop a completely new one?


Hexonys will support your innovation, marketing and industrial challenges.

We will prepare the functionnal specification, support the development from R&D to final customer qualifications with a stage gate approach.

  • Functionnal Analysis
  • Stage gate project management
  • Industrialisation
  • Qualification at customers
  • Time to market reduction



Industrial Improvement


You need to improve your technology, your quality, your productivity ?

You want to evaluate your line capability?


Hexonys can audit your plant, supported by our knowledge of the industry. We will define improvements and help you to implement them, making the link with supporting suppliers or experts.

  • Industrial audit
  • Technology improvements
  • Productivity gains
  • Quality
  • Suppliers & experts support

Purchasing Optimisation


How do you benefit from the low oil price ?

Where to get the raw materials you are looking for ?


At Hexonys we will study your purchasing needs, audit your suppliers portfolio.

We will meet your cost reduction targets and introduce you to new suppliers.

We will support you in imprementing social responsible purchasing.

  • Purchasing portfolio analysis
  • Supplier identification
  • Negotiation & cost reduction
  • Social responsible purchasing

Commercial Representation


You want to sell more ?


Hexonys can market and sell your product in new geographies or segments you haven't adressed.

We will represent your company as a commercial agent.

We will act and sell on your behalf and get the results you want, without the fixed cost of a sales force.

  • Commercial agency contract
  • Distribution
  • New geographies
  • New market segments


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